Year : 2012-2013


In the framework of its project «Libraries and tales for all », the association «the right of difference (ADD) » organized trainings and activities in 14 schools in the governorate of Bizerte (in 14 delegations) with the support of «The Center for Arab Women Training and Research (CAWTAR) », of «the French Institute in Tunisia» and partnership with «Tunisian Association of Defending Individual Liberties (ADIL) »

The main aim of these activities is to inculcate the notions of human rights, gender and citizenship in the education organization and young students.

Also, the libraries have been installed in each school with educational books conform to the national education.

The « ADD » covered the restoration of the classrooms and the setting up the libraries to ensure a dignified environment to the students

The « ADD » organized sessions of projection and interpretation of several films about human rights and children rights with young students

The association organized also training cycle about the Human Rights in collaboration with «The Arab Institute for Human Rights» and with qualified trainers