Year: 2013-2014

Funding partner: PNUD Tunisia


This project consists in contribution of the management improvements of drinking water in rural areas (including Gallalya, menzel Zid and Ichkel the governorate of Bizerte) and the facilitation of access to water drinking to vulnerable people specifically women and youth.

The purposes of this project are:

  • To inculcate the good governance principles at the GDAs (agricultural development groups) involved
  • Improve the management of hydraulic resource by managers GDA and the local population
  • Initiate the dialogue between the GDA’s members and the target group and introduce the culture of conflict management
  • Raise awareness on environmental issues related to water management and improve civic engagement

This project is based on the participatory approach of the target audience; hence the « ADD » organized a planning session with the target group: women and members of GDAs to share information and to plan for activities.

A team of « ADD », well trained in the field of human rights, good governance, communication and conflict management, assured the training cycle for the target population and carry out awareness campaigns about the better management of the drinkable water.

Members of Three GDAs were trained in gender, internal organization and management of their respective associations and communication in order to enhance their capacity and their ability of the communication skills to better communicate with local people.

Five awareness sessions were organized to shed light on the importance of good management of drinkable water and the important of women in these actions.

This project attained three GDA, 286 houses and a school in Bhaya (staff, teachers and students).

The participating women were very conscious of their role in the water management and their participation was very significant.