Duration: July 2014-September 2015

Donors:  Oxfam Novib


Promoting democracy, the rule of law, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms is one of the basic objectives of the foreign policy of the international society.

Capacity Building of civil society, through education and awareness about Equality, Human Rights and the effective exercise of Citizenship and the struggle for the denunciation and removal of all forms of discrimination against women, targeted by this project can only advance the Arab countries towards democracy.

Also, as part of the transitional period in Tunisia after 14 January, democracy has taken its full meaning in this country. Citizen participation in public life today is a essential. It presents as a prerequisite for a peaceful transition to democracy and prosperity. However, the Tunisian social reality appears unable to ensure the implementation of this requirement. The condition of women especially in rural areas and vulnerable proves this more as a brake on development. The rural women unable, for cultural, sociological and economic reasons, to participate in decision making in his own family, even more when it is unable to participate in political life.

This project aims to equip rural women the capacity to achieve its effective participation in decision-making, at two complementary levels: the family level first and then the public level second. Successive and parallel actions will be undertaken to enable rural women to:

– Be aware of their capacity for action

– Strengthening the capacity of rural women in the field of human rights and democratic participation

– Open to rural women of action ways to participate in the prosperity of his own family and therefore of society

– Supporting rural women in a human adventure of effective participation in public life

Target group: women in five regions of the Governorate of Bizerte, namely Mateur, Menzel Bourguiba, Bizerte South, North and Zarzouna.

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